Are Trampolines Safe? – Detailed Answer

Trampolines are the safest indoor and outdoor fun activity for kids; however, with a few more precautions, they will become even better for use.

How To Put A Net On A Trampoline?

Trampolines are undoubtedly the fun and healthiest activity for kids of any age, not just that but the adults too. They tend to make kids happier if you won’t let them go out with friends, as the bouncing accelerates a few hormones that fight depression and anxiety. 

However, as a parent or a guardian, a thought might provoke you; about whether it is safe for the kids or not. We do come across a few accidents, but we were unaware of the circumstances and what happened. Simultaneously, we also get to know some of its tremendous benefits.

Trampolines might be a little dangerous if used casually, but honestly, every sport is somehow hazardous unless you take care of safety precautions. Same in the case of a trampoline, by applying preventive measures, some safety features along with a bit of maintenance would make it the absolute best entertainment.

Are Trampolines Secure?

Trampolines Pros and Cons

Well, a clear answer to this is YES! Not just for kids and adults, it can even be used by pregnant ladies; you can imagine how secure it could be then. Right? However, that could only happen if you maintain all safety measures and the trampolines’ proper care routine.

Every positive indeed has a negative; if you use a trampoline recklessly without bothering any rules and safety measures, it can, and it will turn out to be a harmful device for anyone using it. Even if a kid is left on a trampoline for a longer while unattended, that could be dangerous

How Are Trampolines Safe?

Let’s discuss a few of the main reasons why trampolines are said to be a safe activity. Let’s consider not much, but these four important reasons why trampolines can be listed as a safe activity. 

Safety Features For Trampolines

As it is said, quality always matters. A good quality trampoline with proper safety features is secure for everyone, whether an adult or a kid. So let’s run through a few of the fundamental safety features that must be considered before buying a trampoline.

The Enclosure Net Setup

How to put a net on a Trampoline

The most considerable risk of a trampoline is that you might fall out of it and get yourself severely injured, and in general, it happens a lot if you do not have a safety net around it.

Most quality trampoline kits have additional safety nettings to help prevent you from falling off the trampoline if you lose balance. However, the trampolines bought explicitly for kids must be purchased with enclosure nettings.

The Overall Frame Type

Usually, the trampolines come with self-built protected frames; as it is built inside the trampoline, there are chances of falling or bumping into it, which might hurt you. Also, as the edges are usually steel or aluminum, a little harsh landing on them could injure you. 

For that specific purpose, the prevention this issue, many trampolines come with an extra layering of padded foam systems. Moreover, their frame shapes are slightly different from the regular structures to stop these kinds of incidents.

Spring safety pads

Landing on the bare trampoline is even sorer than on a frame. So make sure to get yourself a trampoline with spring safely pads attached to the trampoline mat. As the higher to take, you flee, the harder it to drop down on the base, so it should be padded enough not to let you get hurt. It will allow you to enjoy your bouncing dispersedly, giving you a protected feeling.

Considering The Trampolines Rules

How to counter trampoline mishaps

Before jumping into a swimming pool, you go through the instructions once. Why not a trampoline? Specific rules need to be followed before jumping on a trampoline. The people who have faced mishaps must not have read or considered the rules. 

Stating down a few of the essential rules and guidelines; by reading even, you will understand why they are considered crucial for trampoline users.

  • First and foremost, before jumping onto a trampoline mat, make sure the trampoline mat is not slippery or wet. It has to be dry.
  • Do not let your kids do severe tricks on it like back flipping, somersaults, or any other tricks, even if he believes themselves a pro. Supervision of an expert or a coach has to be necessary.
  • Do not let your kid bounce on a trampoline too high; the higher the height, the harsher the landing.
  • Most trampolines are suggested for a single person to hop on, as many shapes of the trampolines let the jumper bounce back to the middle. So it is indicated unless it’s a trampoline on a considerable surface, only one person should use it.
  • Ensure you jump on a trampoline with empty pockets, free from any jewelry or tangible item.
  • Get yourself a little ladder or attach it to the trampoline to get on and get off the trampoline instead of jumping off it.
  • Always oversee your little one when he is hopping onto the trampoline.
  • Make sure the trampoline you are jumping on has all the safety measures, like a spring pad, enclosure net, ladders, soft mats, and everything required.

The Certification Of Safety

Suppose you are just another random person using a trampoline. In that case, you might not be aware of the safety certificates that confirm that this product is worthy of use as it is secure and sound to carry multiple hard bounces.

Mostly ASTM, CE, and TUV/GS certificates must be considered before buying one or using a trampoline. If the trampoline passes the test under these certifications, you are good to go for it. An approved certificate is a security to your health.

The Additional Pieces Of Equipment

The best part of the trampolines is that they can be customized according to your wishes. Furthermore, if you fall in love with the trampoline of a specific color or type and figure out any particular feature, any additional part, that you think is necessary for a trampoline in terms of safety. 

The good news is you absolutely can! You can purchase any feature individually and get it fixed on your trampoline. It is the best favorable aspect of having a trampoline; whether it’s a safety pad, an enclosure net, an extra padded layer, or anything it could be, you can quickly get it as an additional part and attach it to your trampoline.

Serious Harm That Can Occur From A Trampoline

Rebounding And Arthritis

As much as a trampoline can be fun, it can be highly hazardous if you do not follow the rules or let your kid or anyone not much-known, jump on a trampoline without being supervised. Unfortunately, a lot of such incidents have been seen and noted when it comes to trampoline injuries. The only reason the preventative cautions are considered repeatedly is to let you know that if they are ignored, reckless use of a trampoline might let you intact some severe injuries. 

The injuries came into view from Trampolines:

  • Severe fractures and the bones being broken badly
  • Harsh bouncing could create dislocation in your body parts
  • Head injuries that might hit your bran inside
  • Neck and spine being broken
  • A particular push to any nerve might lead to paralysis 
  • Last but not least, Death. 

Ways That Will Certainly Make Trampoline Safer For Everyone

We have considered the maximum extent a trampoline could harm you, not to worry, as every other sport can kill if taken for granted and carelessly. So let’s discuss how we can get ourselves protected completely.

Base Of The Trampoline

It has always been recommended never to place a trampoline on hard ground like gravel or concrete. It is best to put it on soft ground, or it has many preferred bases available in the market. Rubber mulch is more recommended than play sand, wooden mulch,  rubber mats, and a lot more that can protect you from being less hurt. 

Covering the underneath Of A Trampoline

The space beneath the trampoline can be dangerous for pets and kids. So it is suggested to close the place, the three most recommended ways for it are

  • Cover them with wooden planks
  • Cover the area with the empty storage boxes 
  • Try growing vegetables and plants under the trampolines.

Set Up Enclosure Net

The enclosure net has always been the first and foremost protection required for the trampoline. If the trampoline lacks this system, it should be applicated right away. The chances of falling off the trampoline are very much. You can get these nets from anywhere, but make sure the size of the net matches the size of the trampoline size. 

Trampoline Type

Before buying it, you must recognize the type of trampoline; the quality ensures durability,  padding, and overall size. Is it acceptable for kids? 

Apart from all these factors, we suggest you always use the trampolines under the supervision of a trained person or in the case of children, it should be under the parent’s control.

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