Can You Lose Weight by Jumping on a Trampoline? – Complete Guide

Yes! The trampoline can be a great way to reduce weight. Trampolines are best known for fun and laughter, a family break activity that the whole family can enjoy. Less known is that trampolines act wonders on your health by keeping you in shape, toning your muscles, and improving cardiovascular health.

It is best for weight reduction because it’s a low-impacted exercise and does not require as much energy as it is consumed by running or jogging, making losing weight easier. 

lose weight by Leaping on a trampoline

Rebounders or mini trampolines have already made their places in gyms and yoga centers; working out on them with specific techniques could let you lose extra weight stored on your body. However, jumping on trampolines could let you lose weight more quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently. 

Essentially, using a trampoline or rebounder on a routine or daily basis has numerous effects on your body that lead to weight loss; outcomes that we get from it are:

  • It develops and improves the nervous system
  • It burns more calories than other high-impact sports
  • It simply refines detoxification
  • It enhances immunity.

Hence it has been proved that trampolines or rebounders have several health benefits apart from just cutting down your weight. First, however, you must ensure that you know how to use it, correctly follow the guidelines and rules, and have an appropriate trampoline available for you with equally equipped safety measures.

trampolines for weight lose

If you are concerned with your weight and want to cut it down without putting in a lot of effort, this sport would be your absolute best choice. We shall discuss the best type of trampoline and the benefits of losing weight through it.

Losing Weight Through Bouncing Is Healthy? 

Undoubtedly trampolines have countless health benefits; even if you do not plan to reduce weight, they will benefit you in many known and unknown ways. Let’s quickly run through a few of its significant benefits.

  • Detoxification
  • Weight reduction
  • Improves and enhances bone density
  • Boost immunity
  • Restore and Stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • Improves oxygen circulation
  • It knocks down and demolishes cancer cells
  • Reduces the appearance of varicose veins
  • It makes you stronger 
  • Improves your sexual health
  • Reduces the effect of Cellulite
  • Maintains and corrects your coordination and body balance
  • Maintain and improves the energy of the cellular system
  • Better exercise for chronic joint patients
  • A very low-impacted cardio exercise
Losing Weight Through Bouncing Is Healthy

Trampoline is such an effortless and reliable way to reduce weight without a doubt. So let me explain it more straightforwardly: A 20 min bouncing session on a trampoline could reduce the same amount of calories you would effectively reduce while running for 20 minutes covering around 10 kilometers of distance. I leave it to you now to decide which would be preferable.

How this works is when you burn extra calories, your body will require more energy, which would be attained from burning your unrequired body fat. That is how you tend to reduce weight by the correct use of a trampoline.

Besides this, a trampoline would help you accelerate your immune system strengths while assisting you with detoxifying your body. In addition, it will make your blood flow circulation more fluent and enable you to procure more power and maintain the balance issue of your body—the reason trampolines are preferred for weight loss.

Another reason for selecting a trampoline for weight loss is that it is a low-impact exercise with a significant touch of fun and entertainment indulging in it. Moreover, you do not have to go out of your home to get yourself fit.

As well as, you don’t have to worry about not going to the gym or missing out on your yoga or aerobics classes; you can simply relocate it to your backyard to enjoy all these fun and benefits. 

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Best Trampoline For Weight Reduction

Plenty of trampolines are available for use; different types of trampolines have additional features that benefit in various ways. For example, some are specifically designed for kids, others for adults. The same is the matter here; trampolines designed explicitly for fitness are mini- trampolines, often called rebounders.  

Trampoline for weight lose

These trampoline kinds have been specifically designed for fitness, and you will get to see them in many yoga and aerobic classes. Their diameters are from 36-62 inches in maximum; due to the fine quality material built, they tend to bear comparatively heavyweight than other trampolines, and they are more vital to carry out an exercise to straight powers. 

An additional stand is also attached to the trampoline for support, which will help you to keep bouncing on your fixed place with its support and prevent you from falling off the trampoline; you can focus on your exercise entirely.

Due to these remarkable qualities and support, even a pregnant lady can use a mini trampoline for her body stretching. Apart from weight reduction, mini-trampolines or rebounders have other benefits too.

However, simply jumping on a trampoline won’t help you lose weight; you must put more pressure on the specific area to let the restored fat burn on that particular area.

You could perform many activities or exercises on a mini trampoline; for example, an athlete or a gymnast would go for any random practices or stretches to get them going or for the training. However, just sort down a few practical exercises to help reduce in case of reductions.

Exercises for Weight Reduction On A Trampoline

Trampoline to lose weight

As we know of a trampoline’s nature, all you can do is hop on it. However, respecting certain styles and patterns would help you in many ways; by the literal meaning of the heading, all you have to do is follow the jumping pattern in side by side manner and back-to-front manner. 

1. Side-to-Side Or Front-to-Back Hops

Make sure you keep your feet together while jumping, and by following these routines, be cautious enough that you don’t step onto the spring or the edge of the trampoline or fall off the trampoline. 

2. Max Jump 

Suppose you are up for a high-intensity workout for your fast weight reduction! Here you go; Max jump is your thing; besides, it is not difficult or won’t drain you like other high-intensity workouts like running or jogging. 

All you have to do is hop onto the trampoline and bounce as high as possible. Again, try to get on maximum height as possible, and then when you land on the trampoline base, make sure you land on a quarter squats position. Do not forget to take breaks after every 10-12 sets for at least 15-30 seconds. 

3. Twist

The twist is the easiest and most common exercise yet effective in losing weight. You can add this to your daily routine. It will help you lose weight without draining you. However, by making it a habit, not just you will reduce extra pounds.

In addition, twisting would cause your back, core, and upper body will be strengthened, as they will be targeted directly. 

How do you do it? It’s pretty straightforward; all you have to do is move your body from the right to the left and revolve your feet in the opposite direction as the trampoline. The most enjoyable part is engaging your legs and complete body.

4. Soft Jump

If you plan on starting your workout routine on a mini-trampoline or a rebounder, then starting with soft jumping would be excellent work. It assists you with your joint problems, issues with your back, and burning of your calories. 

All you have to do is enjoy your firm, steady bounces and ensure your posture is perfect by chinning up,  tightening your core, and keeping your back straight. Keep repeating this motion for like few minutes, and you eventually get your desired results.

5. Jumping Jack

The most fruitful workouts on a mini-trampoline would be jumping jacks. If you want speedy results for belly fat reduction and muscle improvement, jumping jack should be your priority.

Altogether it stimulates lymph circulation, improves metabolism, strengthens body muscles and cardio, and flourishes motor skills and balance. 

Keep your arms open wide and jump with your feet out together at the same time. Let your hands meet at the top of your head. Keep repeating this motion for several minutes a day, and that’s all. 

How Can We Reduce Weight By Hoping On A Trampoline

A trampoline use or adding a rebounder to your daily routine would help you reduce weight, and many apparent changes will also appear in your body and health. It will tone up your muscles and shape them. 

Let’s run through a few of the fantastic benefits of a trampoline on our health.

Enhance Immunity 

Trampoline for strong immunity

As you know, the essential component of our immune system is the lymphatic system. It prevents your body from viruses, diseases, bacteria, and relevant infectious things affecting our system.

However, the motion created due to the trampoline bouncing, that rhythm stimulates the lymphatic flow a little faster, around fifty times more of a regular movement. Therefore, the lymphatic system’s valves tend to come in motion by opening and closing simultaneously. 

These steady bounces trigger your immunity and help remove all impurities from your body and clean all unwanted material from your body. It also slows down the aging process, not just because the lymphocytes and white blood cells secure your system from infections.

In addition, the motion created due to bounces of ups and downs would strengthen and tighten your muscles and helps for better fluency of oxygen in and out of your body to make you feel calm and cleanse from impurities. 

Helps In Detoxification

Trampoline for detoxification

Limiting the benefits of a trampoline just to reduce weight and burn calories would be unjustified, as regular use and jumping on a trampoline in routine would lead to other advantages as well, just like it will have a significant impact on your body for deoxidation.

Lymph circulation is not the same as pumping the heart with blood circulating all over your body. Instead, it requires muscle and gravity to stimulate.

The bounce pattern on a trampoline would create a rhythm that leads your body temperature to fall high, increases that make you sweat. And in that sweat, all the toxicity gets emitted out of the body.

In addition, the lymphatic fluid present in the body starts to flow upward when you begin your bounces on a trampoline or a rebounder. So the bounces will positively affect detoxification and the body’s functioning.

Burn Calories

Trampoline to burn calories

The first step of losing weight is to burn calories. The more you burn calories, the more you lose weight; the fitness trampoline, often called a mini trampoline or a rebounder, is primarily known for its burning calories. If you use it more in your routine, you will burn more and lose more. 

Let’s see how much you can lose while working on a trampoline. Well, to be honest, it entirely depends on how fit and stable you are internal and externally. How much effort you can put in or how much pressure you can tolerate.

The amount of calories you burn out depends on how accurately you use your trampoline, how long you can manage to be on a trampoline, your weight, and how stubborn your fat is.

In contrast, the experts have stated that you burn out the same amount of calories when trampolining for 20mins, how much you will lose if you run for 20 minutes and cover around 10 km of distance. 

Develops Nervous System

Trampoline for good nervous system

Everything is related to the bounces when it comes to trampolines; the synergy of rhythm created by jumping up and down is the best example of the connection and linking of the brain and body. None other sports could be seen as good as this in improving and maintaining the balance of the body.

This trampolining even helps the in and out of oxygen in your body. In addition, this exercise activates the nerve cells by its motion, thus making the nerve system stronger of the brain from right to left or in all paths. 

However, moving down and up would significantly upgrade the brain’s activities along with refining one’s visual coordination when you keep your eyes focused on one single point for a couple of minutes. 

Apart from these, rebounding and bouncing on a trampoline would help you get off your depression and anxiety, keeps you calm and correct your balance, and last but not least, it accelerates your fluency in blood circulation.

So, if you are concerned about how you can use a trampoline, brief it shortly; you at least have to use it for 30-40 minutes on average and take a day or two off.

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