How To Put A Net On A Trampoline? (Simple Steps)

Putting a net around a Trampoline is as easy as it seems; it won’t cost you much of your time and money, and neither would you require any professional person. You can buy the enclosure net and pins to get it attached to the trampoline. Let’s discuss it in detail, covering its importance, pros and cons, and how to detach it when in need.

Trampoline Net

A trampoline is a complete source of fun for a kid and an adult. An enclosure net is an essential part of the trampoline as it provides a protective wall that prevents falling off the trampoline and unauthorized visits to the trampoline made by either the pets or the kids.

No matter how cautious you are while jumping, a little disbalance can let you fall off the trampoline, or if you have kids at home, an enclosure net becomes a necessity, even if the trampoline is on a soft base or a carpeted base. 

Putting a net around your trampoline makes it super secure unless you land hard on the net, and it gets torn up, and you end up falling off it. Setting an enclosure net around a trampoline is as straightforward as anything. Let’s go through the process in this article in detail, as well as the other important factors related to it.

Why Is It Important To Put A Net Around A Trampoline

  • To save it from Unnecessary visits.
  • To prevent sudden accidents of falling off.
  • To keep the trampoline protected as well.

How To Tie The Net On A Trampoline? – Easy Steps

How to put a net on a Trampoline

Placing the net around a trampoline is more convenient but make sure to do it the right way; otherwise, you have chances of destroying the net and damaging yourself. Before you start with the enclosed net, you need to make sure you have everything available to set it up.

The list of tools you require are:

  • The device that pulls springs
  • Enclosure Net, of course!
  • Rope to tie
  • The bars, bottom, and top.
  • PVC Sleeves
  • Rubber mallet
  • Pole caps 
  • Philip screwdriver 

Let’s start with the procedure on how to put a net on a trampoline.

1. Gather All The Material And Tools

For your Trampoline and enclosure net assembling, the first and foremost thing is to have all the tools, netting, connectors, hangers, and poles.

2. Ensure You Have Free Space

Trampolines require free and open space for their jumpers to have all the ultimate fun. Therefore, it should be in a place with trees, sharp ends, roof ceilings, or edges that might interact while jumping. 

So it is preferred to have your trampoline set where there are neat surroundings.

3. Put In Place The Poles

To start with poles, you get the bars in a combination of pieces. Then, assemble them correctly to make a steady frame for your trampoline. The bars are usually made up of either steel or aluminum tubes.

The top of the bars is attached to the net rails at the top, while the bottom of the bars is connected to the base of the trampoline. 

4. Attaching The Poles 

Attach the pole’s end to the base of the trampoline with clips, bolts, and nuts while the top with net rails grips them tightly to hold the fabric in place. 

5. Covering The Poles And Springs

The net around ensures the safety of a jumper by preventing them from falling out of the trampoline. However, did you ever wonder what if the person falls hard on the inside edge of the trampoline? Therefore it’s better to get the edges of the poles and springs covered with foam and soft covers to ensure safety inside and outside.

6. Connect The Bottom Of the Bar With The Trampoline Base

Now comes the netting part. Finally, spread the net all along the surface to double-check if it has been applied completely; if it has not, the net might not cover every inch of the base. Next, align the net properly amongst the bottom and tie them with the bolts and nuts at the points given.

7. Tying the Enclosure Net With The Poles

In the final part, The enclosure net is now installed but not secure; to ensure the net has been secured well, you need to tie the knots of entanglement with the poles. Again, try to go for at least three knots per point to make it firm.

This is because if the person falls hard on the net, the net would be fixed strong enough to hold them back. 

8. Adjust The Bungee Cord

Isn’t the toolbox empty yet? Right? Bingo! Bungee cord it is; It helps to hold the adults and the kids to roll beneath the netting. Knit the bungee cord around the net’s bottom and then attach it to the trampoline’s base.

9. Rechecking And Testing 

Now go through every knot, every point, connection, and pole to see if they are appropriately attached. Finally, see if the net fitting is secure. 

Now test the net ultimately to ensure it won’t fall out at any point to avoid accidents.

Tadaaah! You have successfully placed a net around a trampoline!

Aims And Alarms 

  • Make sure to get the same size and shape net as your trampoline, and all the details should be measured and considered beforehand.
  • Avoid walking on the trampoline’s net, as it can damage it seriously.
  • Ensure the height of the poles exactly matches the net’s height.
  • Keep away any sharp objects placed nearby the trampoline and the net, they can damage the base or the net, and it will become useless.

Are Trampoline’s Enclosure Net Affordable?

Are trampoline nets affordable?

Before you start the installation process, the question arises of whether the enclosure nets are economical. We have good news. A trampoline enclosure net can be as cheap as $40 and go to around $150. An upgraded trampoline net that is highly durable and provides pro safety is made of high-quality material like polyurethane.

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Replacement Of An Enclosure Net

You might feel the need to switch the net after a little while, and this could be due to many reasons like it has been damaged or could be any other reason. As you already know about the installation process, replacing it won’t be a big deal as it is not challenging.

Replacement Of An Enclosure Net

To make it a little more helpful, check on the poles before switching the net; if the bars seem okay, it’s just the net you would be working on for now. Meanwhile, if you find any pole attached is not in good condition. So, unfortunately, you might have to get yourself a new kit of the net along with the bars set. 

While getting yourself a new net, you don’t have to buy look for a high brand, but in terms of poles, you need to make sure to get yourself a high-quality bar for the framing of your trampoline.

Selecting The Net By Matching Measurements Accurately

Again, to replace the Enclosure net, the first and foremost part is to measure the size and type of the trampoline base and poles. It could be either curved or straight. After the type acknowledgment, grab a measurement tape and start measuring. 

Calculate the distance from edge to edge; the space might vary due to the type of pole used. To stop this from happening, consider the trampoline base as a wall and assume you are measuring the diameter between six to twelve, then additional space from three to nine.

You will have your desired net size by taking the average of these two measurements. Never consider matt size for the net replacement as the base sizes keep changing, and it might shrink or expand. So, be careful while getting a new net for a replacement to avoid any troubles in the future. 

Securing The Net On A Trampoline

Once you buy a new enclosure net, you must install it just like we discussed earlier after fixing the trampoline. However, the central part is after putting a catch on a trampoline; you need to secure it properly. 

Once the enclosure net is attached to the frame with the cords, sew these cords from the bottom of the net from inside and outside. For re-confirmation, interlace the threads in and out again on the trampoline’s mat.

How To Repair Net Through Threading?

Well, as we have seen, a permanent solution to a torn net is a replacement for the net, but instead, if you can not afford to have a new net, then you have a temporary solution to it as well.

How To Repair Repair Net Through Threading?

You can sew a few little scars on the net to keep it in a working phase for a little while. First, however, you must ensure you get yourself a high-quality needle with a stronger upholstery thread to get the hole stitched.

Knot the thread after getting it in the needle from the bottom, and start interlacing the net’s anterior and posterior with a line. Repeating this action several times would get your scar covered and your net fixed. It might help you for a while, as in any case, you have replaced it in the end.

Detaching The Trampoline Net

Sometimes, you might need to take or put off the net for some reason or no reason. So, you should know how to take down the enclosure net without getting any professional person involved.

Fortunately, detaching the enclosure net is more straightforward than attaching it to the trampoline. We have two scenarios with the detaching; First, if either the net is attached to the base or the second, If it is directly connected to the poles. Let’s see both these options a little in detail.

If The Enclosure Net is attached to the base

You must remove the base if the net is attached to the bottom. Then, just unlock the safety pins from the pole’s top and remove the enclosure net. Make sure to keep the nails in a safe place so you do not lose them in the future.

If It Is Directly Attached To The Poles

It’s more manageable than the first option. All you have to do is pull the attached poles to the center of the trampoline and tug the net; it will eventually pop out; caution, in this case, would probably be to avoid tangling. 

What Exactly Is The Purpose of An Enclosure Net

Trampoline kits always have a trampoline net to wrap the trampoline from all the edges. This net then acts as a wall for a trampoline, a fabricated wall that covers the trampoline completely. Let’s focus on the benefits of the trampoline enclosure net:

  • First and foremost, it helps lessen the accidents
  • It will provide safety to its jumpers by stopping them from falling out of the trampoline.
  • It will shield you from hurting yourself if you are misbalanced or lose control. 
  • It has a convenient zipper at the entrance, and you can enter through the zipper door; once you have entered, you can close it. Thus it becomes more accessible for people of any age to use it.

Best Durable Net To Be Used

The net, which is much suggested and has been people’s choice,

SkyBound Replacement Enclosure Net

If you want maximum safety for your kids, you can blindly trust the sky-bound replacement kit allows you to have ultimate guard while having fun on the trampoline. 

SkyBound Replacement Enclosure Net

What makes it sturdy and more robust is its material; it consists of plastic. Due to the plastic built, it can’t be torn, and it’s weather protected. Letting everyone or a little group of people enjoy their wild bounces on it. The minimum height of the net is 23 inches, so even if your kid’s way too high, they will still not fall out of the net cage around the trampoline. Although covering it won’t create any visibility issues, parents can have a complete check on their kids.

Once the net has been secure on the trampolines, it will provide maximum elasticity and stretch and work to offer a complete guard. They are available in particular sizes that will accurately fit 12ft, 14ft,  and 15ft trampolines. 


  • It is convenient to install to let you have hassle bounces.
  • It ensures hardness due to its superior-high-quality material used.
  • It has an ideal height, making it a complete package for kids.


  • The pole caps and poles are usually not included in the kit; you must spend additional money to acquire them.

Trampoline Net, And How It Is Made?

Trampoline Net, And How It Is Made?

If you are thinking of making this net at home by yourself, we have a piece of good news for you! You can make it home if you do not want to buy it. Let’s incorporate in detail how it is possible;

  • As you know, the first step has always been about measuring, so take all the appropriate measurements before you start.
  • When you have calculated the netting area and the trampoline, multiply the calculations with ten.
  • Buy a nylon netting according to the measures you have calculated
  • Grab some stakes, preferably wooden, and insert them into the net at uneven intervals.
  • Try hammering the wooden stakes around 18 inches deep into the ground.
  • Level them properly but measure them, or however you find it more manageable.
  • Now wrap around 3 feet on the first wooden stake and drag it through the edges of your nylon netting that you have just purchased.
  • Ensure the netting is secured entirely from the top, bottom, and center sections.
  •  Stretch the nylon fabric to each point, and spread it throughout the area.
  • By reaching the last stake, ensure you have accurately secured all the sections up until now.
  • Your netting is ready now; check if it’s appropriate and tight enough.


If you have zero experience, buy a new net instead of making one yourself. As it probably will consume more energy and more time with uncertain results

Make sure about the measurements you have taken; double-check them. If the purchased net does not match the trampoline’s size, it might become useless if they are inaccurate.

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Are Enclosure Nets Really Safe?

 Trampolines provide maximum fun through bouncing, but did you even imagine a little off-jump can cause you to fall out on the ground? If not you, your kid can fall from a height with pressure and can hurt themselves severely.

How To Put A Net On A Trampoline?

This situation can even worsen if your trampoline is placed outdoors rather than inside. So to maintain safety, an enclosure net plays a significant role. The accidents ratios have been reduced to a superior level after adding the trampoline net.

What exactly do they do? For example, a trampoline enclosure net is a wall throughout the trampoline; what happens then? For instance, while jumping on the edge and somehow you lose balance, and you are about to fall off the trampoline. Here the enclosure net plays its role and bounces you back into the trampoline.

Not just that, it acts as a safety measure for the trampoline itself; if it’s closed, no animal can visit and scratch the base of the trampoline. 

Trampolines trend is increasing significantly and becoming too popular and mainstream on the same side. It is used not only for fun, but it helps adults in terms of exercise as well. The trampoline comes in versatile types, some with enclosure nets while others without an enclosure net. You can easily purchase it online or in-store if it is without a net case.

However, you find it convenient. The enclosure net does not only provide you safety, but it provides a sense of security as well while bouncing on it by becoming a protective and comfortable barrier throughout the trampoline.