How To Fix Ripped Mesh Trampoline Net?

Trampolines are the most accessible yet entertaining activity available for everyone, despite their age, maturity level, medical condition, or disability. An exercise that a whole family can practice at a time.

Ripped Mesh Trampoline Net

Like every other sport, trampolines have their catch as well. You might hurt yourself while bouncing recklessly over a trampoline, hit hard on the steel frame, or, most ordinary yet dangerous, if falling out of the trampoline. However, we tend to have preventative measures like rubber, sand, wooden matting, safety padding, and an enclosure net for those hazards. 

The most fundamental part of a safety measure is an enclosure net. No matter how vigorously you are hopping on to it, or somehow you lose the balance yourself and are about to fall off. Now here is the part where an enclosure net plays its role. It will keep you inside the trampoline and act as a shielded wall that gives the jumper the surety of a protective boundary.

Why Do You Need To Fix Your Enclosure Net?

Why Do You Need To Fix Your Enclosure Net?

Due to excessive use, plenty of kids wandering around, furthermore pets roaming around the trampoline. 

It is expected that the nets get damaged or have holes in them; it could be due to excessive usage of the trampoline or too many kids or pets wandering around touching or playing with the net often. However, it’s a must if you find a hole in the net; the enclosure net should be repaired immediately.

The reasons why it should be impaired:

  • It won’t take much time for the hole to go larger from a little one. 
  • It is the best fit for your trampoline the size and length.
  • Replacing it with a new net would cost around $80, while sewing it would cost $20; Hence cost-effective.
  • The kids would usually see it as a challenge to make it bigger.
  • Teach your kids to repair things rather than throw them away.
  • You simply can not replace it with a new one every time it gets damaged.

Indication Of Wrenched Trampoline

Let’s run through these points to determine if the trampoline is damaged. Then, they might be of help to you.

Indication Of Wrenched Trampoline

The first and foremost indication would be the damaged springs. A broken spring would be hazardous as it would hurt the jumper while bouncing; the springs’ edges are usually sharp enough to cut through.

Like if you are jumping sky-high and land a little hard on the trampoline base making your leg stuck between the trampoline mat and the springs. How horrendous would it be!

The other main indication would be the rust stain on the frame or the springs, and this could be due to the corrosion on the base frame, which would result in serious malfunctions.

Trampoline incidents happen often, yet it is still the most preferred and favorite backyard activity of all time. However, you need to check regularly even if it is the most durable toy to hop on. Any holes and small tears would harm your kids, so regular supervision is needed to keep them safe.

How To Fix Your Trampoline 

  • Firstly, gather the excess material that has been pulled away with both hands evenly, as this is your first attempt; you need to be more careful in accomplishing a smooth, balanced finish. If you act carelessly, it might leave the surface rough and edgy, which we do not want.
  • Without stretching it much, make sure you pull the material completely over the perimeter of the hole that has been damaged. Do not stretch it so much that it becomes too stiff and loses its flexibility.
  • After you have pulled the material thoroughly, the surface becomes super smooth; you need to cut the excess fabric. Again, you are ensuring a clean and precise edge.
  • You should use a sharp knife, like a paring knife or a craft knife; the chances of breaking or damaging the edges become lesser with these tools. Yet giving an accurate cut for your fabric.
  • Once you are done with the edges and their cleaning, ensure they are sealed packed; super glue is suggested for the sealing. Usually, this glue has the most incredible sticking capacity and won’t easily come off like other adhesives. 
  • On the other hand, if you do not want to use glue for it, you can tape it down. Then, you can tape the surface and press it down hard, holding it for a couple of minutes while folding the other edge.
  • Lastly, you need to check whether the whole has been sealed properly. You can either use a chopstick to press it hard on the tape and check it stays in place. If you get to make a piercing over it again; you are making a mistake here; retape it and press it down for a little longer.

Repairing A Piece Of Mesh

Repairing A Piece Of Mesh

To repair a tiny part of the mesh, all you need to do is to follow this most straightforward process, and it will be done. The best part is that it is not even that time-consuming.

  • Detach the Previous old mesh from the trampoline
  • Calculate the new dimensions of the piece that is going to be inserted
  • Cut a pair of recent measurements of the mesh.
  • Use duct tape and fix them together.
  • Bend down the ends of the new mesh and tape them together.

However, if you don’t feel like glue-ing it or fixing it with duct tape, you can always dew the hole on the net if it’s the fabricated enclosure net.

Things You Require

  • Fishing line
  • Upholstery thread

With Upholstery Thread

All you need to do is thread the needle and tie a knot by the end of the thread, put the needle with a rope across the net hole, and cover it completely by repeating this same action. Stop when you see you have entirely covered the hole. Tie the knot again, so the thread does not lose its grip. Make sure to get yourself a high-quality line. 

With Fishing Line

You won’t need a needle for the fishing line, as due to its thickness, you would be available to wrap it around the damaged hole with your bare hands. So instead, put it into the net from one end and pull it out from the other. Keep doing it until the spot has been sewn perfectly.

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