How to Disassemble A Trampoline in 5 Easy Steps

Trampolines are a brilliant activity for fun, yet they also need proper care. There could be many reasons you would need to disassemble a trampoline. For instance, if you experience severe or harsh weather conditions, you might want to wrap up your trampoline and bring it somewhere safe’ leaving a trampoline outside would damage the trampoline, and you wouldn’t want that. 

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However, if you are planning on moving or shifting your place, you will not leave your trampoline behind; you will be packing it and taking it along with you. Considering these reasons, you need to know how to disassemble a trampoline. Furthermore, it has been noticed that the durability of the trampoline enhances if you disassemble them; it is one of a kind to expand the durability.

It is apparent that the process of disassembling a trampoline is quite the opposite of putting it in place. Therefore, you need to go step by step in dispersing it and follow the sequence systematically like how you installed it before. The process of scattering is pretty time-consuming, but it wouldn’t be difficult. It is simple and convenient as compared to the installation of one.

If you wish to disassemble a trampoline all by yourself, you can do it quickly; if you could manage a helping hand with it, that would be great for you. 

When To Disassemble A Trampoline

You will find plenty of reasons to disassemble a trampoline; however, let’s discuss these two most prominent reasons you might face so you need to put it off. One of the most straightforward reasons is that you might be shifting somewhere else; changing place is one of the main reasons you would need to disassemble a trampoline. 

The other most significant reason would the climate changes; trampolines are very prone to changes when it comes to weather. For example, heavy rain or intense sunlight would destroy the elasticity of a trampoline mat. If not, it could rest of weakening the springs, that might adversely affect the bounces. 

Therefore, to keep the trampoline safe, you must pack it up and put it inside. However, if the weather is moderate throughout the year, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of disassembling it just to assemble it again after it gets settled.

Tools You Need For Disassembling

tools required to set up a trampoline

You certainly wouldn’t need any tools that are special or would be hard to find anywhere. But considering the process of disassembling, it is the first you would be taking into account. So, first and foremost, you need tools; this process wouldn’t be possible without the help of tools. 

Collect yourself together and grab a tool kit for yourself. The tools needed for it specifically are a spring tool, a rubber mallet, a screwdriver, an electric drill, a spring puller, and last but not least, a pair of hand gloves. If you lack any of these, you might want to get them for yourself and start the whole disassembling process. 

Little Piece Of Important Information Before You Go

Disassembling a trampoline is not a big deal; however, I would want you to go through specific valuable tips before you get going.

  • Do check up on your springs, mat, and net properly.
  • Ask for help but make sure that helper is not your little kid; as you do know, the little energetic being would not be able to follow the guidelines and might end up hurting himself with the sharp objects.
  • Be very cautious when removing the ring from a frame, as right after you fill it out of the trampoline’s leg, it might fall on your leg and get hurt.
  • Everywhere your eye catches are worn or rusty spring, change it as it’s the only component that provides you with soft bounces.
  • Once you put it down and finish the relocation, you might need a hand in assembling it again. 
  • However, you can always hire a team of individuals to complete the task, whether assembling or dissembling.
  • If the trampoline is not clean and there is a bit of rust on it, which is very common due to its outdoor placement, it suffers through different weathers. So, in that case, all you have to do is clean the first. Remove the dirt and stains first. As with all the stains and rust, it will be difficult to disassemble a trampoline. But, you can do it with a clean wet cloth.

Time the Process Requires

How long does it take to set up a trampoline

As we all know of the trampoline’s size, they are available in huge and small sizes. 

However, you need to look at the trampoline’s size. It’s evident if it’s a huge one, it will require more time; similarly, if it’s a smaller one, it will consume a little more of your time.

Not just that, how long it will take depends on one more factor how many people are working on dissembling. The more hands, the lesser the time it would take. So we have two trampolines that need to be understood before you open up; a springless trampoline and a spring trampoline. 

A spring trampoline requires more time as you must detach the springs one by one. So let’s assume you do not have a helping hand and are the sole person doing it. It will require around four complete hours if you do the work. It can increase if you go slow and take breaks; however, it can be reduced if you get help from anyone.

Let’s consider the trampoline without springs. They wouldn’t take much time as you don’t require much work, so approximately two hours. But, again, it can be reduced if you have more helping hands. 

These times also include packing time; however, if you find any tears or torn apart on the mat. You should first repair it and then add it to their bags.

Process of Disassembling A Trampoline

There are a lot of techniques to pull off a trampoline, and every person might have a convenient way of dispersing it. First, however, we shall discuss a beginner’s most straightforward approach in detail. Let’s state it step by step. Then, it will be easier for you to understand and follow it. If you go through it phase by step, it will consume lesser time and energy.

Remove The Additional Features

First and foremost, you must remove the additional features added to your trampoline. For example, it could be an enclosure net or the ladders attached; these external features should be removed to get started. 

If the trampolines are equipped with any sporty feature, even that needs to be removed, and it could include a basketball hoop or a swing, lights, or anything additional you have added up on your wishes. So all you are left with now is the basic trampoline, which you need to disperse.

Releasing the Net Poles, Net, And The Safety Paddings

Clip the Enclosure onto the Frame

Going further, you need to release the net from the poles; once done, you must untie the bars from the trampoline. The bars that hold your net in place. Using your screwdriver, you need to unclamp the locks underneath the trampoline. You must keep the poles with the trampoline net so it will be easier for you to keep them.

Then comes the safety paddings; you need to remove the safety paddings not to get them torn carefully. You need to be very careful if you are using any sharp object. You can take it off after opening up the trampoline, but I suggest you do it before you start handling the springs on your trampoline. They are thin padding in terms of taking it off; it won’t take much of your effort. 

All you have to do is untie the knots of your pads from beneath, and you get a key. Use the key to loosen the knots from beneath the trampoline. Then, either pull it off completely and then fold it or just fold it and take it off. It is suggested to look for any defects and duct tape it or repair it if you tend to use it again. 

Detangling The Springs

How to set up a trampoline

Here is the part where you have to exert a little more power. Removing the spring is relatively cohesive and forceful, as you are unaware of it. However, it becomes easier as you keep repeating the process until the last spring left on your trampoline. 

Put on the hand gloves for your safety as you might encounter a rusty spring, which might hurt as it will be problematic to call it off. Otherwise, it will be easier to get off the spring from the trampoline. 

Casually there are 48-120 springs on a trampoline; therefore, you need to have plenty of patience while dealing with this task. A springer puller would work as a helping hand in such a case. 

If you find any broken springs, just throw them away and replace them with new ones for smooth bounces. You need to fix the spring puller with the spring at one end and then pull it in the other direction, and eventually, the spring will fall out. 

The trampoline springs have two ends: closed and open. However, you pull the spring from an open end towards yourself and then lose it. This action will take off the spring quickly. Pliers, screwdrivers, and caulking guns can also be used to untie this knot. Again, though they are not necessary, they can prove to be of help if needed. 

Fold The Net And the Trampoline Mat

Trampoline Net

Now all you are left with is steel or an aluminum frame. You set free the trampoline mat from the edge when you pulled out the springs. Therefore, now the carpet is the free component. All you have to do is fold it according to the size of your wrong storage box and place it there. 

Dispersing The Frame

This part might look a bit hard, but it is not. All you have to do is detach all the pieces again. You need to lose the screw of the frame; make the screwdriver of any help in this matter. Once the legs of the trampoline have been detached, all you are left with is the frame matt frame.

Now the final step would be opening the ring/frame of the mat, and all you have to do is a twist from each joint. By the time your twist motion ends, all trampolines will be free. 

By entertaining all these steps sequentially, you will ultimately be able to get rid of the fixed assembled trampoline. You can now pack the piece and place them anywhere you want. Keep each element of the trampoline together and in a safe place, so if ever you feel like putting it back together, you don’t have to repurchase anything.

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