Can You Jump On A Trampoline While Pregnant? Is It Safe?

Trampoline in pregnancy? It is scary, though, isn’t it?

As a myth, it has always been a big NO for trampolining in pregnancy, even though it does have numerous positive effects on our physical health. During pregnancy, the nine-month period has to be of extreme care, and a considerable modification happens in the routine and lifestyle.

Can You Jump On A Trampoline While Pregnant

It is always preferred to avoid any type of complexities during this period, especially hopping to heights and landing in unbalanced positions. In addition, the intense shakes could harm a baby.

However, it is not accurate all the time. However, a trampoline is not for every other pregnant lady. Yet before jumping on a trampoline, you must at least once consult your doctor. Even if you had been a great athlete in your time before pregnancy, how pregnancy affects one’s body is different. Experts have diverse viewpoints on it. Let’s discuss, Its positive and negative in this article in detail. 

Circumstances To Consider Before Hopping On

The stage of your pregnancy has a prominent role in deciding whether to hop on a trampoline or not, not just that; what type of trampoline has to be used plays a furthermore role in it. The whole period consists of 3 three trimesters, and all three stages have different effects on human health. Therefore, trampolining depends entirely on these stages listed below, considering the fact that no matter what stage it is, the bounce has to be low and controlled.

  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester

First Trimester

This early pregnancy time is usually a little sensitive as it’s the start, and the body is reforming and adapting to the changes. However, a little exercise and aerobics would give you a better stretch. Ensure you keep taking breaks in between so you don’t have to face any trouble.

A little bounce on a trampoline would be acceptable unless you are not feeling well. By the second, you will feel a little uncomfortable or unbalanced; it is a must for you to stop. During this stage, you do not put on weight, and your body’s changes are insignificant; however, you might feel slight dizziness, vomiting, and nausea due to the variations in hormones and bouncing. 

Nonetheless, it is not a usual behavior faced by everyone. Hence, a little trampoline or exercise is acceptable at this stage. In addition, it would provide a little stability to the tantrums of this stage. 

Second Trimester

By the start of the Fourth month, i.e., the second trimester, the baby ultimately starts to grow, and your body starts to gain additional weight for the baby. This extra weight might cause you to have certain instability, resulting in the mother falling off or landing haphazardly into serious trouble.

Furthermore, if the mother has been in practice since the first trimester, she won’t encounter any of these issues. However, just to be on the safer side, this stage needs a little more care and is prone to more risks, so it is better to be more cautious and avoid jumping; if not, have slow and controlled bouncing.

As mentioned above, Whenever you feel excruciating or cramped, you need to stop—considering your feeling.

Third Trimester

The third trimester is the most hypersensitive of all. Therefore, plenty of care is usually needed at this point. The baby gets large in the tummy shrinking the vacuum; in this situation, if the mother keeps bouncing, it will directly affect the baby if the belly size does not remain the same. Furthermore, the main concern here is the baby’s placement, and the baby might take the wrong order from any anticipated pressure.

It is perilous to get into any exercise at this point as the body realizes the calming hormones that help loses the joints and prepare the body for childbirth. So any harsh jerks would simultaneously be as dangerous for the mother and the kid.

It is best not to go for trampolining at this stage, especially after the 37th week.

A Perfect Choice Trampoline In Pregnancy

After consulting your doctor, and the stages of your pregnancy, let’s just come to another essential selection, and it’s the trampoline that needs to be a 100 percent fit for this state. Unfortunately, not all types of trampolines are suitable for expecting women, so that a little mistake would result in serious trouble. 

A little aerobics has been considered preferable stretching for all women throughout the pregnancy. The new popular choice is the mini trampoline or the aerobic trampoline, designed especially for aerobics and is regarded as the best choice for pregnant women.

This specific trampoline has been one of the best and most popular choices with the high price because they are highly durable and well built. Not just because they are for pregnant women but because they have been designed for professional athletes and gymnasts.

However, even mini trampolines must be used with all the necessary safety gear and enclosure nets for pregnant women. Furthermore, The trampoline should be covered with nets to secure the falling out and a safety pad. Safety pads cover hard surfaces like metal, springs, and hooks; that will ensure that you are excellent even if you fall a little harder on the base. 

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Benefits Of Using Trampolines In Pregnancy 

Benefits Of Using Trampolines In Pregnancy 

The trampoline has multiple benefits for pregnant women, but only if used lightly, not on harsh terms. Using it slightly could be beneficial but can have an adverse effect if oppositely used.

Listing down a few of the specific strengths that have been noticed with trampolines uses:

  • The most complicated thing pregnant women come across so often is tantrums. The mood swings due to hormonal imbalances make it hard for people to deal with them. Most of the time, the women are either irritated or depressed.

Jumping on the trampoline realizes endorphins hormones that reduce tension and make women joyous.

  • Pregnancy is all about gaining weight, and the women’s most significant concern has always been weight gaining. Staying fit and healthy in such a condition is a blessing as you have to eat double.

Trampoline bounces help you to maintain weight and let you put on lesser fat making you fit properly.

Luckily trampolines have always been best recognized for their support and strengthening of back, neck, and joints muscle when used appropriately.

  • Pregnancies always have troubled women with gestational hypertension. But, unfortunately, you can not even address it with medication as you are not allowed to take any medicines. 

Trampoline bouncing lets you have a little workout per your needs, which helps with digestion problems.

Draw Backs Of Trampoline Bouncing In Pregnancy

Cautiously working out on a trampoline won’t have an issue, but you might not be aware of your situations, which are more sensitive or triggered due to your pregnancy; it has always been a priority to get a consultation from your routine doctor. 

Trampoline jumping might cause a miscarriage unless or until you have been harsh on yourself or if you fall out landing on your stomach, which is undoubtedly very dangerous for the kid and a mother. If your labor days are near, you can enjoy the trampoline but never go near a trampoline if your labor time is far right now. It is nothing more than welcoming trouble to your home yourself!

Avoid hopping on a crowded trampoline; even a little push would result in an unpleasant situation. However, you might feel a heavy heartbeat and pain in the chest, legs, and stomach. In extreme cases, you might face a leakage in amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding, or painful uterine contractions.; do not spear a moment getting yourself an immediate medical treatment.

Injuries You Might Suffer From Trampolines If You

Listed below are the most common reasons for injuries in pregnant women.

  • You are jumping and not wearing a protective cup
  • You are hopping on a wet surface
  • Indeed, if you are bouncing from a height, you are not supposed to
  • If you are jumping with hassle without even an appropriate landing on the base
  • If you are bouncing near the edges

Workout Ideas For Pregnant Women On Trampolines

As the studies show, Many women have started choosing an exercise routine during pregnancies, as suggested by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG). It helps them not go way overboard with laziness that leads to a pile of weight gain.

 Trampolines are always fun, no matter how, when, or what you do with them. We have a few of the best fun exercises for women who are expecting. Always start a workout with a warm-up as It helps the body to prepare for the training; a little jog and good jumping jacks would be great unless you lose your balance and start staggering.

Listing down a couple of exercises specially designed for pregnant moms on a trampoline:

  • Walking In Place

As the name suggests, you have to do it and keep following in your footsteps. Walking in the place is the most elementary part that is even stated as the most straightforward exercise. It helps to balance the issues with joints and knees.

  • Pike Jumps

For these jumps, you might have to grip the stand more carefully as you have to extend your legs while standing, with smooth jumping after a counted intervals. Next, and simultaneously then, extend the arms towards your feet.

  • Jogging in place

Slight jogging in a place is a beautiful mood refreshing exercise for a pregnant woman. However, this jogging would nonetheless help to improve the balance, which might be unstable due to the low-height jogging because it disturbs or makes the mother’s center of gravity shake.

  • Light Bouncing

This specific exercise will improve your immune system as it stimulates lymphatic circulation, making you even fitter. This workout is considered the best for expecting moms as they have to work on their knees through it too.

  • Trampoline Prances

Stand on a mini trampoline with a distance of around 15 cm between your feet. Then, holding the hip support, bend your knees a little, and hop on a trampoline with your heels. The bounces should raise a leg to the other hip level and vice versa.

Jumping On A Trampoline To Induce Labor

Regular and Problem-free deliveries are no less than a blessing, so why hop onto a trampoline to induce labor? It is the most minor suggested thing to do. Complicating it with the jerks on the trampoline might be harmful if it goes a little out of hand. 

For the induction, the routines of aerobics along with the physical activities like modified yogas and walking would let you have excellent lymphatic circulation, a fluent blood flow, and a perfectly working immune system that helps in childbirth.

Visiting A Trampoline Theme Park

You can go and have fun on the trampoline with your kids but not in terms of jumping on trampolines. Most Trampolines parks have already jotted down strict instructions for pregnant women not to indulge in any trampoline activity.

However, You can go and negotiate terms with the instructor only if it’s a mini trampoline exercise class but again, before reaching out to the instructor, get a consultation from your doctor. 

Trampoline Usage After The Birth Of A Child

Well, as it has always been, it is said that do not start any workout right after your child’s birth for at least two months as the mother’s body would have been facing other issues such as continuous bleeding or weak pelvic floor or the extra weight gained, etc.

Getting it straight into the exercise leaves the mother with internal weaknesses and more health issues because the body after birth is very fragile and should be dealt with utmost care.

Hence the post-birth exercises after the break of 2 months could be done on a trampoline not just because it helps soothe every muscle or makes you fit in a proper form but also because the trampoline is a fun activity.

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