Best 16ft Trampolines – Make your Backyard Enjoyable

Do you and your kids become frustrated and bored by watching TV or playing video games all day? No matter your age — whether you’re five or fifty — regular exercise is vital for your health. However, convincing kids to put down their devices in favor of a healthy jog can be challenging. 

Best 16ft Trampolines

A backyard trampoline can take the struggle out of working out and provide the whole family with hours of entertainment. In addition, supervised usage of a high-quality trampoline in the backyard can be an exciting way to stay in shape. 

Jumping on a trampoline is a fun and effective way to get cardiovascular exercise. Moreover, it also helps release pent-up energy and develop essential motor skills in children, such as balance and coordination.

Have you been stressing over which 16 feet trampoline to purchase? Once you’re done reading this, you’ll have a good idea of which trampoline would be ideal for your household. Therefore, let’s not dally any longer.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top three 16-foot trampolines.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the top-rated 16-foot trampolines so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Top 3 Best 16ft Trampolines


Best Overall — Giantex 16-ft Trampoline

Giantex is a well-known trampoline manufacturer, so you probably know of them if you've researched the subject. Giantex has earned a solid reputation as a leading manufacturer of trampolines and related goods. So, your family deserves a trampoline that provides hours of fun at a reasonable price, is built to last and keeps everyone safe. The trampolines manufactured by Giantex are of high quality and affordable. Each item in their catalog has been carefully designed to meet a wide range of standard household storage requirements. Importantly, these trampolines don't offer any danger to kids when in use because of their superior built-in safety features. As number one, we have a top-notch Giantex trampoline that is 16 feet long. This trampoline offers the most bouncing for the least amount of money. This trampoline, with a circumference of 16 feet, is a safe and easy solution for outdoor play. All toddlers, teenagers, and adults can enjoy jumping on this trampoline because of the safe and high weight limits. This trampoline comes with everything you need to get started. Moreover, components include a sturdy frame, netting for exclosures, a jumping surface, a ladder, instructions, and more. Despite having fewer springs than some trampolines of comparable size, this one is great fun. As enjoyment, you will find that this trampoline is perfect. Padding shields you from the outer springs, and padded poles in the keep you from being caught.

What we Like

The most excellent feature is the U-shaped legs that are a part of the design. The legs are strong enough to sustain a heavy load. The trampoline’s linked legs are the best feature because they make set up a breeze. Moreover, the utilization of top rails and springs makes it more sturdy and gives you a solid feeling while jumping.

It also includes all the necessary components. Yet it is appropriate for either youngsters or adults to utilize.

What we Don’t Like

There’s a chance that the elastic strap padding will irritate some of you. It is not particularly thick, and there are occasions when it deviates from its position. Moreover, it has fewer springs, resulting in less bounce.

To Sum Up

When comparing good and evil, it’s easy to see that the good holds up much better. Also, the trampoline can accommodate two adults at once, making it ideal for usage in the great outdoors. Moreover, this is the best deal with the correct prices on enclosed trampolines.

What Makes it Unique

This trampoline is among the top 16-foot trampolines because of its sturdy build. The trampoline’s PP jumping mat, extremely secure net, and rust-proof galvanized stainless steel frame provide years of reliable use.

Is This Meant for you?

It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a trampoline that both adults and children can use. With a weight capability of 375+ pounds, it is ideal for grownups. However, a ladder attachment makes it better suited for children.

Best Sports— Acon Air 16-ft Sport Trampoline

The Rectangle Trampoline is ACON’s most popular model because it provides excellent air, a soft landing, and a good time for the whole family.Their top-of-the-line model has everything you could want from an Acon trampoline—a springboard for your leapers and space to practice your flips, twists, and other sophisticated stunts. This backyard marvel represents the culmination of our efforts to create the perfect inflatable jumping experience.Unlike most backyard trampolines, which have weight constraints that restrict their use to children, Acon offers high-quality trampolines that anyone can use. For rigorous sports use, go no further than this rectangular trampoline, built to last. Compared to competing mid-priced trampoline models, ACON's 5-year frame warranty stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Thanks to the 140 galvanized steel springs that run the length of this rectangular trampoline, it is often regarded as having an exceptionally high bounce. The rectangular design of this trampoline makes it ideal for the rising gymnast in your family. This is also a fantastic choice for children if your backyard is on the smaller side.

The ACON Air 16 Sport Trampoline has an acceptable mat height 40 inches above the ground. There are no zippers or openings to be concerned about with the slide-in-style net on the trampoline.

What we Like

Acon’s warranty covers all frames, springs, and mattings. Also, there is no weight limit for a single jumper. This style is best for flips and tricks. Hence, many gymnasts prefer this as excellent for use in yards with a rectangular shape.

Moreover, this trampoline provides 40 inches of clearance beneath the mat. Due to this, you can jump without bottoming out! The ACON trampoline has everything you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

What we Don’t Like

Some of you might find this a bit expensive compared to other products. Since a ladder isn’t part of the trampoline package, you’ll need to shell out extra cash to acquire one.

To Sum Up

Because Acon’s trampolines are long-lasting, the investment in this backyard addition is worthwhile. In addition, there is no weight limit for a single user, but the maximum load allowed is 800 pounds. Hence, any adult can jump freely on this long-lasting and springy model.

What Makes it Unique

The polypropylene mat and springs have a 5-year warranty, while a 10-year warranty covers the powder-coated, galvanized steel frame. Compared to light-duty models made for a few brief seasons of use, this trampoline provides extra lifetime because all its parts are replaceable.

Is This Meant for you?

As this 16-ft trampoline is best-suited for adults, too, grownups can jump on the trampoline without the risk of breaking the frame or bottoming out. The ACON is not designed for a single jumper but can support up to 800 pounds, just like the circular trampoline up top. However, you should not let four 200-pound men bounce around, increasing the damage chances.

Best Budget Friendly— Skywalker 16-ft oval trampoline

If you've been interested in trampolines for a long time, you've probably heard of Skywalker trampolines. They are the largest and most popular trampoline brand now on the market. Oval trampolines from Skywalker are an ideal compromise between the round and square types. It comes with the Skywalker trampoline safety net, so anyone who uses it won't have to worry about getting hurt if they fall off. This trampoline, not surprisingly, is constructed from sturdy materials. Galvanized steel is used for the frame, the legs, and the poles, making this structure robust and weatherproof. In addition, you may rest easy knowing that the springs are well out of reach of your ankles thanks to the thick safety pad covering them and the No-Gap safety cage separating them from the jumping mat.

The trampoline meets or exceeds all relevant safety regulations. However, it’s not appropriate for children younger than 6. This Skywalker trampoline (STEC1600) is 16 feet by 14 feet, which is excellent, but the maximum user weight is only 200 pounds, which is disappointing given the trampoline size.

What we Like

There is no space between the jumping pad and the net enclosure since the safety net is attached to each spring. Because of this, it is much less likely that a child’s foot will get caught in the crack, which makes it a much safer environment for youngsters. Further, a plush covering protects all metal components.

What we Don’t Like

Due to its unusually elongated design, this 16-foot-long trampoline may be more challenging to put up than expected. Moreover, this trampoline has a weight limit of 200 lbs. Thus it can only be used by a few people at a time.

To Sum Up

In addition to the foam paddings surrounding the net poles, the trampoline’s net is detached from the metal foam, making it a more robust and reliable safety feature. Summing up, kids and grown-ups alike can jump off the metal net’s poles without worrying about hurting themselves.

What Makes it Unique

The double-toss game built into this model sets it apart from other similar products on the market. In addition, more people can gather around the trampoline, and while some are jumping, others can play the game, making the Skywalker oval type ideal for enjoyable family time.

Is This Meant for you?

You can enjoy yourself and receive a decent bounce with the help of the powerful springs positioned outside the netting for your safety. The enclosure’s positive latch clips and sturdy zipper make up the dual closing mechanism that is so user-friendly. Both parents and children will appreciate the spacious entrance and the secure closure of the trampoline. 

Assembling a 16-ft Trampoline!

Trampoline accessories

Following the completion of the purchase, our first obstacle is the assembly procedure. Some buyers are so dissatisfied with the merchandise that they will only give it one star out of five. However, the problem is not with the product on its own. If you are familiar with the assembly process for a trampoline that is 16 feet in length, setting it up won’t be difficult. I’m going to give you a brief rundown of the process here.

  1. Obtain each of the components, and then move them to the backyard, where you will use them.
  2. To understand how to put the item together, you need to obtain the instructions and read them.
  3. Gather all the tools you could require, including a screwdriver, a screw puller, and anything else that comes to mind.
  4. When you finish assembling the trampoline, have your buddies stand at each corner to ensure it is stable.
  5. Continue the assembly process by attaching the poles or legs.
  6. After the construction is complete, put the joints through their paces by hopping around by yourself for a minute.

Benefits of Owning a 16-ft Trampoline

Trampolines come in various sizes, most commonly varying from 8 to 40 feet in length. Therefore, trampolines with a height of between 8 and 12 feet should only accommodate one jumper at a time. However, trampolines with a larger surface area can potentially handle a more significant number of jumpers simultaneously. Let us thus offer you some further arguments supporting purchasing a trampoline with a height of sixteen feet.

Ideal for People of All Ages

A trampoline that is 16 feet in length is suitable for children, teenagers, and even adults. Kids will love using it as a jumping platform or for recreational purposes. Of course, your pet may join in the fun and jump on it, too! These trampolines can accommodate many jumpers simultaneously, and their larger size makes for satisfying bounces.

A Great Space for Multiple Bouncers

Your children and their friends will have hours of fun jumping on a trampoline that is sixteen feet long. Because they are larger, they can simultaneously withstand the combined weight of a more significant number of jumpers. 

On the trampoline, nobody can hurt themselves, as the mat prevents anyone from bouncing or falling off. If you’re going to use a trampoline for exercise, it should have at least 16 square feet of jumping space. It is essential to keep in mind that exercising on a trampoline is fantastic for your overall health.

Favorable Characteristics

A trampoline that is 16 feet long and of high quality will have all of the bells and whistles. When jumping on a trampoline, it is imperative to use a solid and thick jumping mat to ensure that the jumpers are adequately supported.

The net must completely enclose the area for kids to tackle the objects safely while staying inside the circle. Corrosion resistance is necessary for any metal parts, including the frame, the legs, and the springs. Ensure that you can clean it without much effort as well.

Considering Points Before Buying a 16ft Trampoline!

What To Put Under A Trampoline

Getting a trampoline is a fantastic idea for keeping the kids active and giving them hours of fun. One of the best things about trampolines is that you can keep using them forever. People of all ages can benefit from using one, and you can even include it in fitness routines.

Hence, it’s no surprise that half a million Americans buy trampolines yearly. Therefore, it would appear that getting a trampoline would be a fun, simple experience. However, it’s not relatively that easy. When looking for a trampoline, there are several things to consider.

We believe the 16-foot trampoline we’ve recommended is the best on the market, but before you buy, there are certain things you should know. As a first step, you should know that there is a vast range of trampolines available, each with its specific dimensions, design, and set of precautions to take into account.

Modern trampolines are built to meet your requirements and improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard, and you may select from a broad choice of trampoline functions and forms. So, let’s start!


Typically, trampolines are either round or rectangular. However, octagonal and square trampolines also exist. The springs surrounding the outer edge of a circular trampoline are engaged when you bounce, drawing you toward the trampoline’s center, making it the ideal design for recreational use. 

Rectangular trampolines are preferable for athletes (particularly gymnasts) because they provide a more consistent bounce and precise rebound management. This is because not all springs activate simultaneously when a person jumps on a more extended surface.


You should consider the available area and the number of people using the trampoline simultaneously before making a purchase. Smaller trampolines, those with a diameter of 3 feet or less, are more convenient for single jumpers. 

These variants are more transportable, allowing for flexible placement both within and outside the home (or from indoors to outdoors). If you’re looking for a gigantic trampoline, your options must range from 8 feet to about 17 feet in diameter. 


Choose a trampoline with the proper safety features to keep everyone bouncing happily and safely. Some net enclosures will protect you from falling straight onto the springs, while others will be positioned away from the springs’ outer border but will still provide padding for your hands and feet. A handrail is a must-have accessory to maintain balance and jump safely on a mini-trampoline.

A trampoline’s net enclosure isn’t the only safety feature worth considering when making a purchase. Therefore, sturdy safety poles can reduce the likelihood of injury. 


The entire build and quality of the frame determine how long a trampoline will endure. You should check each joint to ensure a secure and sturdy trampoline. The welding on the structure must also be flawless.

The quality of the frame should come first. Therefore, it’s essential to go for substantial, solid material for the frame. In addition, it needs to be cushioned with soft paddings for the highest level of safety, especially for toddlers.


A trampoline mat that is that lengthy requires that it be well padded using materials that are comfortable but also durable. Additional features, such as resistance to water, dust, UV light, and other environmental variables, can extend the life of a mat.

Standard trampoline enclosures are typically not 16 feet in length. However, you should bring an umbrella just in case. Whether you’re shopping for an oval trampoline with a 16-foot diameter or a different shape and size, a cover is a must-have.

The easiest way to ensure everyone using your 16-foot trampoline stays safe is to shell out some cash and buy a netting system. The netting on both sides functions as a safety net, particularly for younger children.

Spring or Spring Free

If you’re looking for the safest trampoline option, go no further than the springless models. The padding on trampolines with springs is the only form of safety, and it might shift and pose a risk if the jumper isn’t paying attention. Neither the sensation nor the risk of injury is worth the potential reward of jumping on or through springs. You should consider yourself lucky if you walk away with just a few scrapes; a broken foot or toe is the worst-case scenario.

As a result of incorporating cutting-edge safety features and innovative design principles, springless trampolines have the potential to eliminate this danger and significantly increase the enjoyment and safety of the activity. All cushioning and springs have been done away with favor of a fresh design concept. However, you should not assume that they are risk-free. Everything boils down to the “rule set,” or the list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

Load Capacity

Is it something children can only do, or can you and your kid participate? When putting away a trampoline, be sure you don’t make rash choices. Also, before you jump on the trampoline, make sure you check the weight limit. At least 300 pounds of weight should be able to be supported by a trampoline that is 16 feet long.

You now understand the best trampolines available, which have a diameter of 16 feet. They can hold more weight and come with more features than even the best little trampolines on the market today. On these trampolines, you or your children will have a great deal more fun, and you will be able to remain on them for a significantly longer time.

You should be aware of every single particular at the absolute least. For example, if there is a specific trampoline that you have your eye on, the time to buy it is probably right now.

If you asked us to recommend one trampoline out of these three options, it would be the Giantex trampoline since it comes with a ladder, spring pad, and safety net, all in one easy package.

However, the ACON Air 16 Sport Trampoline is the perfect choice for you and your family if you and your members are interested in gymnastics. So bounce around and do your thing on this ball because of its high-quality construction and springiness.


What is the weight limit for a 16 ft trampoline?

Trampolines ranging in height from 15 to 16 feet may support 250 to 450 pounds. However, there is a weight limit of 600 pounds for adult-sized rebounding trampolines.

How to put together a 16-ft trampoline?

The trampolines, at 16 feet in diameter, are hefty, so you’ll want to enlist the aid of a friend or two before you attempt to put it together. However, the product’s user handbook contains comprehensive instructions for setting it up correctly.

Which trampolines are the safest?

It is generally agreed that the Skywalker trampolines offer the highest level of safety.

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